10 Sep 2018

Plant Nutrition Today

Our weekly highlighted article is the Concept of "Minimal" Exchangeable Potassium by Dr. T. Scott Murrell.

31 Aug 2018

Diagnosing and Mapping the Need for Soil Improvement in Brazil

Brazil has lacked the data for creating a soil fertility survey that could be used for assessing if any nutritional factors are limiting crop yields in the region. The IPNI Brazil Program partnered with the Agronomic Institute of Campinas and São Paulo State University to collect and produce a soil fertility survey, starting with the state of São Paulo.

24 Aug 2018

Better Crops with Plant Food

Issue #3 is now available! The issue features articles on: Biological N fixation in soybean; 4R management and N losses; Nanotechnology in fertilizers; Nutrition of Vietnamese Coffee ...and much more! Sign up for free notification of our latest releases!

21 Aug 2018

4R Nutrient Stewardship Portal

Find the 4R Manual available in 9 different languages and much more!

21 Aug 2018

Plant Nutrition Diagnostics: Potato

IPNI, J.R. Simplot Company, and Tennessee State University have collaborated on a new publication that provides readers with access to a unique collection of hundreds of high resolution photographs that document a wide range of nutrient deficiency symptoms in potato plants with remarkable clarity. Now available to download from the IPNI Store!

21 Aug 2018

Wildlife Pocket Guide

A practical guide to forage production that provides a focus on information of interest to wildlife enthusiasts. The guide is packed with useful facts and reference lists related to plant characteristics, fertilizer and nutrients, stand establishment, animal requirements, grazing, and forage quality, including hay and silage. Available for purchase in the Store!

27 Jun 2018

2018 IPNI Program Report Released

This enhanced report demonstrates how our programs and activities are making a difference in science, for people, and for our stakeholders. The Report features videos from many of our global programs.

01 Apr 2018

Frontiers of Potassium Science Conference Website

Review the recorded oral presentations and posters. Conference proceedings are now available!